Press Freedom, Privacy and Propaganda

A conference on Citizenship and Digital Freedom
2nd June 2014, Technopolis, Athens, Greece

Ιn times of crisis, Orwelian fears and technological transformation, Paradigm Shift happens everywhere: No other group of humans has witnessed such rapid development(s) in everyday life, nor has society seen such a need for shocking Knowledge adaptation and “stay abreast” or “die behind” professional cultures.
 This gave birth to new domains, Privacy and Propaganda being, not so new, but totally redefined: With improved Democracy as result of electronic referenda, open discourse(s) by networked citizens/social media, with ‘voters’ being fed up with “the old ways”, the Name of the Game has become “Data, More Data”.
Same as with other staple goods, they can be gained or stolen. Human nature frequently dictates the latter over the former. To complicate things further, a quality of data issue emerges, i.e. what are they needed for, why are they “the new gold” ? Again, it has to do with human intentions, i.e. to merely make profit at someone else’s expense, or as an “authority tool”, as a ruling accessory.
Once accessed, another issue arises: How it is used. Science of Communication systematically studies these phenomena, and what was known as “Propaganda”, is now a complex interdisciplinary bipolar applied art. One pole on good old principles and one struggling to harness “new” technologies which are deemed obsolete in a few years circle.
It all comes down to Citizenship. You are either informed or illiterate.

Understanding Privacy and Propaganda is much more than a modern Communication issue, it is the New Alphabet.
Date of Conference: June 2nd, 10:00 am
Place: Athens
Venue: Technopolis

Organizers: QJNT* Synergy, Press Secretariat of the Hellenic Republic 

Under the Aegis of the Hellenic Presidency of the European Union

*QJNT consists of the following European Public Entities:
  • ARC - Athena Research Center (Ministry of Education, General Secretariat of Research & Technology) 
  • DUK - Donau Universitat Krems
  • The Botsis Foundation for Quality Journalism
  • Ac. Communication and Mass Media Technology Lab (National Technical University of Athens)
European Communication Sponsor: Euronews
Consultant: EKPOIZO Consumer Rights Committee

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Publication date: 14 April 2014