Programme of the Conference

 21-23 May, 2013
              Seeking for Press Freedom every day  3 May.

You could follow the ongoing dialogue on Twitter, through the following link, in our website: 
#PressFreedomDay. Everyone is invited to participate.

Day 1– 21/5/13 
10.00-12.00 Theme «Freedom of the Press - Myths and Realities about everyone;  owners, journalists & society»

12.00-14.00 Theme: «Οnline & offline Media. The Myth of their conflict»

14.00-16.00 Theme: «Codes of Ethics are in place… Who is following them?»

Day 2 – 22/5/13 
10.00-12.00 Theme: «New Media & Social Media: A path towards Press Freedom or new dead ends?»

12.00-14.00 Theme: «Paywalls: Their importance for Media’s independence and economic survival»

14.00-16.00 Theme: «Citizen Journalism: New approaches & old practices in information dissemination»

Day 3 – 23/5/13  CONCLUSIONS

10.00-12.00 The future of Press and the role of New Technologies

12.00-14.00 Research Findings: Questionnaire Results

14.00-16.00 Conclusions